Black Lives Matter Drawing Donation

Thank you to everyone listed above who donated to this cause. It’s exciting that we were able to raise money so quickly and efficiently. Art changes people, and people change the world.

80% of the drawings have sold in four days! Please contact me if interested in the remaining 11.

*Update* I’ve sold 40% of the drawings in the first 24 hours! Let’s keep the momentum going and raise $500 for Black Lives Matter!

If there is one thing I have learned this year it’s that radical change is possible. I have been very inspired by the recent fight for social and racial justice, and have decided to create a donation based art project. I started these drawings in 2015  as an idea of building/piecing together a very fragmented body, the drawings work as individual pieces or as a collective whole (they can be seen as 43 small drawings or 1 large drawing). They work together in a similar way that fighting for racial justice works, it takes individuals to learn and understand others perspectives, and together we can create change as a collective whole.

Each tile pictured above is going to be for sale for $10. All of the proceeds will be going towards the Black Lives Matter chapter in Los Angeles. I plan to finish a few more so that I have 50 of these to sell, meaning $500 will be donated to Black Lives Matter. The Los Angeles chapter is the founding chapter of the BLM movement and is working hard to help families who have dealt with injustice, as well as help fight to help create independent oversight over the LAPD, get councilors to work with homeless people instead of the police, etc.  If you’d like to read more about where your money would be going please visit the link below.

I know this year has been difficult for many of us financially, myself included, but it’s important to help those who truly need it most. Donating $10 toward racial equality and supporting an artist (me) is a really great way to use your spending power.

The small tiles are 4″x6″ the larger ones roughly 5″x7″. If you are interested in donating please email me at so I can get your shipping information. Tiles are first come first serve, so let me know which one you want! Money can be sent via venmo (@hannah-stahulak) or paypal (Hannah Stahulak Art).

Thank you for helping George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others.

Up close view of the tiles

From BLMLA about how funds are spent

“To be clear, to date, BLMLA has been powered by volunteers. No one earns a salary. We do this work because we see it as our “sacred duty.” So what have we done with the recent donations? This movement-moment has been intense. Some of the recently received funds have been used for basics, like: 1) modest support to the families of those killed by police, 2) materials for protests, rallies, demonstrations, and events, 3) tech support/upgrades, 4) security, 5) food for gatherings and mutual aid, 6) interns, and 7) transportation for families and volunteers. The vast majority of funds have not been spent and are being held by our fiscal agent (a non-profit 501c3). As the intensity of the moment begins to slow, we will develop a thoughtful and deliberate plan for those funds, which includes infrastructure development.

What the generosity of donors like you, has provided is stability and longevity for BLMLA. We look forward to being able to plan for the future of the movement.